Our Company

For over a decade, we have proven our ability to safely and reliably service America’s most demanding oil fields. Humbled by the growing demand for our services, we continue to affirm our commitment to excellence through continuous investments in process, technology, and equipment. Our company owned fleet is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, managing terminals throughout Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

What we Do

Maalt Transport utilizes pneumatic trailers to haul frac sand from storage facilities to active well sites in support of energy providers' effort to extract oil and gas from U.S. Shale plays through hydraulic fracturing.

What we Deliver

Frac Sand is a critical component of “Fracking”, functioning as a proppant deep within the earth, literally propping open small cracks in the shale rock to allow the flow of oil and gas. The average hydraulically fracked well requires over 225 truck loads of sand, driving the demand for our professional services.

Maalt Advantages

Over 10 years of successful service has allowed us to separate ourselves into a Tier 1 Frac Sand provider by developing a robust network of sister companies. These companies specialize in a range of services, including frac sand mining and rail storage solutions, as well as transload facility development, creating a web of expertise and capacity that can not be matched. Each company strives to master it’s facet of the frac sand process, leaning on the cumulative experience of the team to develop and share best practices across the network.